Emotive Circus Arts

Emotive Circus Arts is an immersive company dedicated to inspiring passion in others by utilising both raw emotion from the performers and infusing studies into the show to help influence our audience to emotionally connect with the performers and the show itself.

Emotive Circus Arts creates shows that are introspectively educational, focusing on inspiring emotion and helping the audience recognize a part of themselves in the performer. 

These shows are focused on exploring the depths and facets of different emotions by using the body through dance, theatre, and circus. ECA also uses symbols, colours, acting techniques, storyline, and other elements to immerse the audience.

Our Director

Hannah Finn

Hannah has been training in circus skills for 13 years and she has performed, taught and trained all over the world.  

She received a Bachelors Degree in Creating and Producing Emotive Works of Contemporary Circus and Theatre from the University of Redlands in Southern California. She studied theatre to learn how to put on a show structurally and business & marketing to learn how to grow and promote a circus company. In addition she learned Affect Theory, Neuroscience, Dance Therapy, Jungian Psychology and acting theories to influence both performers and audience to feel emotion during her shows. 

Three of her previous works have premiered in theatres in the US; two at the Glenn Wallichs Theatre and one at the Attic Theatre, LA.